By Marilyn King

The National HIVAIDS Secretariat (NAS) in collaboration with National of HIV Positive in Sierra Leone (NETHIPS) and other donor partners on Thursday 11th February 2021 commemorated International Condom Day.

The event took place at the Radisson BLU Hotel Aberdeen in Freetown.

The Country Director of UNAIDS, Isaac I. Mensah said that the general population living with HIV is 1.7%.

He furthered that young girls within 15-24 years are contacting HIV than boys within the same age group adding that more women are getting infected compared to men.

He continued that men that are not protecting themselves enough in order to protecting their spouses should beware of HIV and AIDS, and that there are so many tools to help protect from HIVAIDS.

He said that the only technology that can protect from HIV is by using condoms.

He also said that condoms are cheaper and easier to get and has no complications, but that people are not using them during sexual intercourse.

He noted that Sierra Leone has 246 sex workers, and that only 14% sex workers are using condoms.

The Deputy Minister of Youths Affairs, Luseni Kallon called on the youths to always protect themselves from Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

He furthered that they should avoid body contact, and abstained from sex.

He continued that the 100% safety measure everyone should use is to abstained from immoral sex or be faithful to one’s partner.

He noted that everyone uses condoms it will help stop the spreading of sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV.