By Aruna M Kargbo

In his just released album titled ‘9 Lives’, popular Sierra Leone Afrobeat Singer and Songwriter, Emerson Bockarie has stressed the hardship in the country by way of exposing the wrongs of the President Bio led administration.

In one of his songs in the album, ‘Kokonat Ed’ Emerson reveled that things have not changed for the better as the current administration has not met the expectations of the people.

He used the track to single out people within the President Bio led administration who are ill-mannered given their behavior since they were entrusted with positions of authority by the president.

Emerson referred to such display of behavior by people who are considered well placed in society as “Munku by packet.”

‘Udat nar da munku boy wae wan kam name we area dem by party?’ Emerson asked rhetorically.

He added that the ‘munku’ boy is taking peoples’ land with impunity.

The innuendo as expressed by Emerson Bockarie clearly points at the Minister of Lands, Dennis Sandy who illegally named Gibo Town at Grafton to Paopa Town.

A decision by the minister that was frowned at by many citizens as a politically motivated move by the minister.

Just recently, Dennis Sandy had a tensed situation with the Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Nimatulai Bah-Chang because of attempt made by Sandy to sell lands behind the greenbelt area.


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