Reports reaching NEW AGE revealed that the wife of the Inspector General of Police, Olga Solomon Moigbeh has allegedly assumed the work of the IG by ordering police officers belonging to the estate department to sit on the floor.

According to some of the Police Officers who cannot be named for obvious reasons the way and manner they have been treated by Olga Moigbeh is very bad.

They claimed that they are being maltreated as they are using their bare hands to cut grass at the ongoing construction of Police Wife Administrative Building and Training Center at the Kingtom Barracks.

That the IG’s wife ordered even some senior police officers to the rank of inspectors to sit on the ground and even though one of them told her that he wants to ease himself, she refused him to do so which culminated into the officer defecating on himself.

Another Police Officer, Alimamy Bangura explained that when he was sick with a medical report from the Police Doctor, the IG’s wife insisted that he must work.

“When I went for few days, she reported me to the IG and she decided to sack me just like that,” Bangura stated.

Alimamy is not the only police that have been sacked on the orders of the IG’s wife as several police officers explained their ordeals.

Resident of Kingtom Barracks where the molestation of police officers took place were very angry as they maintained that it is the usual habit of the IG’s wife.

Speaking on the Public Service Broadcaster, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, FUK Daboh said that he went to the scene when he heard such was happening.

He said that the allegations against the IG’s wife is not true and that he knows police officers and that it was because they were not allowed to steal that is the reason they want to destroy the image of the IG’s wife.

He maintained that the Sierra Leone Police is a disciplined force and that they will investigate the issue.

Mrs Moigbeh refused to talk to the media on the issue.


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