By Mariama Bah

As there is recent increase in the rate of violence in the country, Jerome Michael Corshu Aka Mr.1 on Tuesday 26th May 2020 has embarked on Non-Violence Sensitization Campaign across the country. The sensitization process started from Frederick Street and covered other areas such as Circular Road, Mount Aureol, Kissy Road in the East End of Freetown.

Mr. 1 noted that he decided to embark on such sensitization process because he noticed that there has been an increment of violent activities in the street of Freetown, so as a young folk he decided to visit different communities with his team in order to meet the youth and try to raise awareness about the negative effect of violence.

He advised the youths to stay away from violence adding that engaging in crime activities will yield no dividend to them.

He advised that they should not allow anyone or anything to make involved into any violent activity as they will be the ones to pay the price whiles the inciter will be living a comfortable life.

Corshu said that his advocacy is non-political and the funds that he is using to embarked on the sensitization process is coming from him alone but expressed hope that other peace loving Sierra Leoneans that are patriotic could come on board to give him the needed support so that it will be a nationwide campaign.

He added that his present focus is on Freetown as he has limited resources which will not cover the whole country.

He expressed hope that at the end of the campaign there will be non-violence free Sierra Leone with youths saying off crimes.

One of the youth at Mount Aureol, Mohamed S. Kamara Aka Uncle Dope of East Coast thanked Mr.1 for such a vital initiative and promised that they will stay off violence and try to be good people in the society.

Another Youth at Frederick Street, Suliaman Kargbo Aka Bini man Cent Cost Crips expressed thanks and appreciation to Mr. 1 and team for such message that is of use to them.

He mentioned that they are praying to God for the non-violence activities to stop so that the youth will come together to become better people in the society.

He added that the message that Mr. 1 came with is a good one and advised his colleagues to stay focus and heed to the message.


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