Information Minister, Mohamed Rahman Swaray

Ever since the government of President Julius Maada Bio came to power in 2018, people in government seem to have been in a travelling competition.

In fact, Sierra Leoneans believed that President Bio has travelled more than any other Presidents in less than two years in office since the end of the war in 2002

That most of his travelling are not beneficial to them (the people) because they are yet to see the impact of the traveling charade of the President on their lives.

Due to the depreciating Leones against other international currencies particularly the dollar, State House put a ban on all travelling except for statutory travelling and that a request must be sought from State House.

After this Press Release, people believed that the traveling spree of members of government would have been decreased but it continues unabated.

As observed by SALONE TIMES, the minister that has traveled more than any other minister in the current government for the year under review is the current Minister of Information and Communication, Mohamed Rahman Swaray commonly called Rado.

Minister Swaray has travelled more than 15 times out of the country to the point that many of the people at the ministry are wondering whether he has been in Sierra Leone for a whole month.

It is also believed that most of these traveling from telecommunication conference to data conference have not benefitted the country other than the huge per diem which is going into the pocket of the minister.

That the minister is not giving slightest of opportunity to even others in his ministry to attend some of those conferences and that his deputy Minister has only travelled once while he has travelled number of times.

Minister Rado Swaray is the most travelled Minister of the year 2019. Watch out for the worst performing Ministers in SALONE TIMES next edition.


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