By Thomas Dixon

I met Momoh Konteh in 2015 when he was appointed  Chairman of the National Tellecommuncication Commission (NATCOM) after some of my colleagues, one of whom is now working at State House told me that Momoh Konteh wanted to see me and the late Samura.

Myself and Late Samura went to see Momoh Konteh at his G-Gate resident. He welcomed us and applauded us for the work we are doing in journalism.

After that meeting, the relationship between Momoh and us blossomed until 2017 when we disagreed on principles with regards the increment of tariff.

CEO as almost all journalists called him was very affable. He would listen to concerns from everyone and if possible helped them.

Momoh told us how he was brought back to Sierra Leone by former President Kabbah to help build the country in the private sector and that he was in the process of setting up a telecoms company when Kabbah was told about his friendship with Ernest Bai Koroma.

“The relationship between Kabbah and I became sour! I lost huge amount of money, I had already invested,” Momoh said.

That discord that was sown by diabolical elements is what led him(Momoh) into full blown politics because according to him, he never wanted to go into politics because he knew how his father was treated by late Albert Margai.

In a bid to get rid of Sumana, Konteh was unjustly featured in an Aljazera documentary on the export of timber but Momoh refused to run away like others after ACC instituted an investigation.

He was charged to court but ended up winning the matter against the state. He explained to some of us how politics can be treacherous.

Momoh is one of the few people who helped me during my Masters at Njala. He helped me through my academic sojourn just as he was helping many other young Sierra Leoneans in their educational pursuit.

Apart from that, Momoh helped many people in different ways.

At NATCOM, Momoh made many transformation: upgrading the salaries of staff as well as generating huge revenue for Government. He started building the Communication House of NATCOM at the back of America Embassy.

My problem with Momoh ended in 2018 when we lost Journalist Ibrahim Samura. Momoh called me and expressed his sympathy and even visited the family of the late man with whom they had a frosted relationship for which some people wanted Momoh to have jailed us but cool heads prevailed.

Momoh Konteh told me about the university which he was constructing and that he will like me to work with him when everything is completed little did he know  that he would  not see the completion of that project.

Momoh Konteh had the habit of calling and checking on people and during that time we will discuss everything including politics.

The last time I spoke to Momoh was a month ago when another media colleague, Gunther Daramy who is in China now told me that he has secured some of the stuffs for the University and that he was trying to get on to Momoh, but he could not get him.

*Gunther Daramy asked me to call CEO and tell him that he wanted to talk to him. I called Momoh, and we spoke for about 15 min and he promised to call be back. *

CEO, I could not hold my tears! As I was waiting for that call, the Almighty has called you home. Rest In Peace CEO. Till We Meet Again!


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