The Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Orman Bangura has called on the youths to be very cautious of preventive measure that could save Sierra Leone from falling prey to the Corona Virus disease.

According Minister Bangura, they cannot ignore, undermine or underestimate the potential threats posed by Corona Virus (COVID-19) on the country, the Continent and the world at large.

He maintained that at a time like this, it’s important for youth in the country to show great leadership in ensuring their safety, the safety of their families, friends and communities.

“While there has been no confirmed case of Corona Virus in Sierra Leone yet, I am calling on all the young people to take safety measures very seriously and avoid being in situations that will expose them to contracting the virus and potentially infecting others,” he advises.

He referenced that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local health experts have advised that people should proactively wash their hands with soap and or use hand sanitizers frequently as well as avoid and put social distancing into practice among others.

He stated that it is the responsibility of everyone to do whatever they want in order to prevent the virus from entering the country, noting that people should be vigilant and report to the closest testing medical facility or call 117.

“We now have a collective responsibility to embrace the safety measures indicated by Our Health ministry and WHO. Youth Council Members and other youth leaders within the country should continue to provide community leadership in creating the necessary awareness on the precautionary measures put in place by the government and its partners,” he stated.

He also called on people to visit the World Health Organization website for more information on safety and precautionary measures.


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