The Minister of Lands, Dr. Dennis Sandy has displayed what many people have described as a ‘Juju’ mentality of the minister in order to tarnish the good image of another person.

Fullah Youth Leader With President Bio

In a video shot right inside the office of Minister Sandy on command by the minister, he (Sandy) was shown with his cohorts accusing the Youth Leader of the National Fullah Youths Administration, Chernoh Issa Jalloh of fetish.

Making the accusation, one of the cohorts of the minister, in the video stated that he saw Jalloh coming inside the office with assorted bennie, cucumber among other things in a piece of paper.

That the intention of Jalloh is to ensure that bad things happen in the ministry as well as making sure that money do not stay in the ministry.

Without hearing the side of Jalloh, Sandy maintained that Jalloh went to his office to harm him, but that he was stopped by his taskforce who are also capable of fetish.

Sandy stated that he will hand him over to the relevant authorities for further action.

Jalloh stated that his visit to the ministry was to see the minister whom he had been calling for Two (2) weeks without a response, adding that he went to make appointment.

Some of the actions of Dennis Sandy since his appointment as minister has left many people wondering if he is untouchable in the President Bio led New Direction Administration.


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