The Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has expressed determination that his administration is working to fix the current electricity challenge that is being faced by the people in Bo and Kenema.

He disclosed that despite the huge challenges that are clouded in the Energy Sector, his administration is on the verge of making sure that it becomes a thing of the past.

Responding to the power outage in both Bo and Kenema Districts of which he is a major stakeholder in the Bo District, he expressed that he is not pleased with what is happening in the two districts neither in the city in terms of power supply.

A major concern expressed by the Minister has to do with agreements which were made in the sector which are not good for business noting that there are plans to see how best these agreements can be reviewed.

In the midst of all these, it must be noted that the Ministry of Energy is one of the most difficult ministries if not the difficult to handle in this country.

According to the Director General of EDSA, Joe Lahai there is now an increase in the need of electricity supply by the people as the dries have approached which makes the atmosphere hotter than it used to be.

He also noted that the increase in the number of people couple with the increase in the number of households results to an increase in the demand of electricity supply by consumers.

The Minister also noted that what should be noted in relation to the blackout in Bo and Kenema is that the machines are available but the challenge there is the supply of fuel in order to generate power supply.

It is believed that for the two months of September and October, fuel supplied by EMCO has not been paid for noting that invoices for payment for the supply of fuel are still waiting to be processed at the Ministry of Finance.

Even though Kanja Sesay inherited a very difficult portfolio, he has provided the need mantle of leadership as a minister.


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