Antony Brewa, minister of local government has assured Paramount Chiefs (PC) that there will be no political interference when it comes to their elections.

He made this disclosure during a stakeholders meeting last week at Koinadugu district organized by Fambul Tok International.

Responding to issues raised by paramount chiefs and other local stakeholders in that part of the country, Antony Brewa noted that boundary disputes and low revenue mobilization affects the entire district.

He assured them that after having listened to all their concerns and challenges, his ministry will look into it and try to address them, but however urged them to be trying home grown solutions before channeling it down to him in Freetown.

He also allayed their fears that the central government at no given time will play politics with the election of Paramount Chiefs, adding that notwithstanding, it has a responsibility of appointing Regent Chiefs to serve as interim caretaker until a substantive chief is elected.

He further maintained that the government cannot dictates who is to become a Paramount Chief, saying it is the sole responsibility of chiefdom residents to elect their own leaders.

Executive Director, Fambul Tok, John Caulker, said his organization deemed it fit after consultations with the Minister of Local Government, Antony Brewa to invite him to the district to engage with stakeholders there on issues having to do with own resources mobilization and boundary disputes.

He stressed the need for the minister to meet and discuss with stakeholders on pertinent issues that might be a source of conflict as the district including the newly created Falaba has four major ethnic groups of Fula, Madingo, Yalunka and Limba.



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