One of the biggest engineering firms in Sierra Leone, CEMMATS has vindicated President Bio and the SLPP Government of any wrong doing in the construction of Minah Drive- where the President resides.

Ing Andrew Karmoh Keili made reference to an audio done by former Presidential Aspirant, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray in which he alleged that President Bio awarded 9 billion Leones contract just for the construction of his road.

“My attention has been drawn to an audio clip by Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray on the consultancy role played by Cemmats, a company of which I am co-owner in a road construction project at Minah drive, with  negative innuendos about my role,” Keili maintained.

Keili made it very clear that such a road contract and the consultancy of CEMMATS was done two years ago when President Bio and the SLPP were not in power.

“I would like to inform Mr Kamarainba Mansaray with these West Zone roads dates back close to two years ago and this is a logical extension to it,“ Keili reiterated.

That Kamarainba should also be educated that he( Kamarainba) could easily get information on the road design parameters including length which could not be discerned from the notice board as well as other contract details from SLRA.

“For Mr Mansaray’s education it is worth noting that a consultant would only get a small portion of the total sum of such a contract with the much greater percentage going to the contractor for the physical construction work,” Keili stated.

That it is unfortunate that an untutored and ill informed political leader chooses to exhibit his ignorance by grandstanding using social media.

“I advise him to do the responsible thing and check his facts before indulging in such acts again, “ Keili advised


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