The Directorate of Educational Programmes and Services in the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) is currently training High School Leavers and members of the Mothers’ Support groups in communities in Port Loko, Bombali, Kambia, Pujehun and Kenema Districts on the Global Partnership for Education Early Childhood Development (ECD) project.

The training sessions are held in response to the lack of adequate ECD Professionals in the Country to facilitate ECD learning in the specified districts of the project.

The Director of Educational Programmes and Services in the Ministry, Mr. Mansaray Milton Pierce said the trainings are conducted at Village Levels to ensure that Trainees feel comfortable with the exercise.

He said Beneficiaries of the trainings are completely new Educators who have never been in the Classroom as Teachers before.

He said they are expecting that at the end of the exercise, the Beneficiaries would be in tune with the reviewed Curriculum, as well as being in a position to use the materials procured by the Ministry to enhance easy learning for pre-school Toddlers.

He expressed confidence that the Trainees would be in a position to appropriately implement the Play – way teaching methodology in their various centres. 

During the just concluded training session for Children between the ages of 0 and 2 years in Pujehun district, one of the Supervisors of ECD Centres in the district, Betty Minah encouraged trainees to always follow the lead of Children in their Centres.

She further revealed that the Child’s brain connects faster during its first one thousand days after birth, thus seen exploring things around. She advised the would-be ECD Educators not to misunderstand this period of the Child, as being stubborn.

 She admonished them to always communicate with their Children by singing, playing and dancing with them. She said this enables their brains to grow faster and act smart.  

Some Beneficiaries of the trainings expressed appreciation to the Ministry for what they referred to as an opportunity to contribute to the development of their communities.

A Beneficiary of the exercise held in Sawunia Village, in the Bombali district, Mariatu Kamara revealed that she loves Children, stressing that the knowledge acquired from the training would make Children in her Community comfortable with her. 

The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Dr. David Monina Sengeh congratulated the ECD Unit of the Ministry for the successful conduct of the trainings at community levels.

He said he is most excited about the relationship that is being built between the Communities and the Ministry, as a result of the training exercises.


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