Former President Ernest Bai Koroma has marched into the country with pomp and pageantry last Sunday 5 August.

Throngs of party supporters and other echelons of the APC including the Vice Chairman of the party Minkailu Mansaray, Secretary General, Osman Yansanneh, and the former presidential aspirant of the APC and his running mate, Samura Kamara and Chernoh Maju Bah respectively received the former President at the Gbalamuya Check Point.

The motorcade of the former president made several stop over along the highway to Makeni, where he now resides.

Addressing party supporters at the party’s office, Ernest Bai Koroma said that he is happy that his party is still in high spirit.

“We have clearly shown that as a party we are democratic and that we want peace in this country,’’ Koroma maintained.

He dismissed social media rumours purportedly from Lahai Lawrence Leema, deputy minister of internal affairs that the he (Koroma) will be coming into Sierra Leone with mercenaries from Guinea, adding that; “he will do anything to protect the peace and democracy of Sierra Leone.’’

“Anyone who understands the recent history of Sierra Leone, won’t think of disorder for Sierra Leone, not to talk of mercenaries,’’ the former President emphasized.

He said that he cannot resign now as chairman and leader of the party when the foundation of the party is under threat and warned the big guys in the party to stop feeding the younger ones with propaganda.

Koroma advised that this is the most difficult period the party is going through and called on all to unite and support one another.


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