Revealed… How State House Sabotaged Pa Kabbah’s Foundation

At the Launching of the late President Kabbah’s Foundation on June 16, one will think that the President and his government supported the launching of the foundation with all the glittering all over the place.

It will be interesting to note that even two ministers whom the late President Kabbah picked up from nowhere and made them politicians were heard in the launching discussing that the foundation is an NGC affair and that they want to use it against the ruling party.

Well, human beings as they are, it was not a shock to many people but they were just surprised that people whom they expected much from can politicize everything.

Similar thing happened when President Koroma and his APC were in power.

President Koroma was supposed to have launched the foundation on three occasions but failed to do so just because they believed that the people in the foundation are SLPP and Koroma did not want to talk good about someone whom he succeeded.

Now that President Kabbah’s party is in power, it was believed that they would have given all their support towards the success of the foundation but that was not the case.

New Age learnt that at a State House meeting with the committee before the launching of the foundation, President Bio asked for the budget of the programme and it was given to him and the President in the meeting asked the Secretary to the President to take note with the hope that government will take some of the responsibilities for the foundation of someone who planted the democratic seed of this country.

According to the Strategist Communications Adviser at State House, Dr. PK Muana the president stated that anything that the Ahmed Tejan Kabbah Foundation deems necessary in terms of support from the government, they (government) will support.

He stated that he has no idea whether or not the president gave any financial support towards the launching of the foundation.

New Age learnt that the people in the committee had to wait for State House and the government to contribute towards the launching of the foundation but to no avail.

They even had to beg institutions President Kabbah created to contribute to the programme but it seemed as if there had been communication to them that they should not give a penny.

Having waited for a long time for State House response, the Committee decided to think out of the box to raise fund amongst its members which eventually led to the launching of what is now the Ahmed Tejan Kabbah Foundation For Democracy.

What shocked people at the launching, was when Chief Minister David Francis, who asked the committee to chair the conference decided to limit donations to just five people as according to him the President was coming from an oversee trip and could not wait for long.

Many people at the launching who wanted to make donations were not given the opportunity and as such, they considered the act of the Chief Minister as sabotaging the foundation.