President Bio, Leader of SLPP

Sacked Secretary to the President, Denis K Vandy has resurfaced as Sierra Leone’s newly appointed Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, following a tweak in cabinet by President Bio.

Denis K Vandy was the first Secretary to President Bio and in  few month in office, he was sacked following an unlawful suspension of the, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Financial Acts for which many people described as a treasonable act.

According to a letter from the Office of the President as signed by Denis Vandy (as Secretary to President Bio), an  executive order purportedly from the President, suspending laws of the country was issued.

After coming out with that order, the same Dennis Vandi shamefacedly and woefully took the blame for the mess by coming out with another press release which seen him sadly took responsibility for a blunder many believed he did not do but was acting on orders.

The release, no doubt claimed that the Secretary to the President wrongly ascribed a directive to the President regarding the suspension of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Financial Acts.

“I erred in that memorandum by ascribing to His Excellency the President that he made such a direction,” Denis Vandi stated in a ‘’scape-goatized’’ letter.

In  less than a week after taking the blame, Vandi was relieved of his duties as Secretary to President Bio and Julius Fofana Sandi was appointed as the new Secretary.

Denis Vandy was later made Special Envoy for Trade and Investment a position many believed he refused to accept because of the way he was treated as Secretary to the President.

In his (Vandi) letter of appointment dated 16 November 2018, Denis Vandi was informed that it has pleased His Excellency the President to appoint him as Special Envoy For Trade and Investment.

That his duties were: promoting Sierra Leone’s business, products and trade interests abroad,  identifying trade and investment opportunities in emerging and growth markets, and bringing them to the attention of the appropriate authorities and any other duties as assigned to him by the President  from time to time.

“The terms and conditions of service in respect of your appointment will be communicated to you in due course,” meaning the job was a fully government remunerated job.

Now the same Denis Vandy who self- righteously confessed in a released that he erred has been brought into cabinet as Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security.

In the cabinet reshuffle, Ndanema, Tengbeh and Dasama were sacked as Ministers of Agriculture, Water Resources and Social Welfare respectively.

Alpha Timbo, was transferred to Labour while the then Labour Minister, Adekunle King is now Ambassador to Ethiopia.

A new Ministry of Environment headed by Proffessor Jaward and a new Embassy to Turkey headed by Mohamed Kaisamba were created.

Sierra Leoneans said that President Bio is doing almost everything for which he condemned the former Government of President Koroma.


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