Since the disgrace and embarrassment meted against President Bio in the last presidential visit to Qatar, the government has stopped to announce the number of people in the Presidential Delegation to oversea’s visits.

In their last visit to Qatar, one Senesie Janneh Tarawallie (London Jet) who was smuggled was seen taking photos with gold wrist watch and other stuff which the ordinary Sierra Leoneans can hardly afford in Qatar and circulated them on social media.

Despite Janneh was not part of the Delegation, the State House Press Secretary, Yusuff Keketoma Sandy sadly said that they gave him (London Jet a lift.

Since then, President Bio has been refusing to say the number of people in his delegation to the surprise of many Sierra Leoneans.

Like the recent Presidential Visit to China, the Government of President Bio failed to tell Sierra Leoneans the number of people that will be in his delegation as unconfirmed report is putting it as up to 100.

What make the unconfirmed report likely to be true is the fact that the wife of one of the ministers of government was seen boasting on facebook that she was part of the President’s Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The Wife of the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa stated that she was part of the President convoy to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

“With the presidential convoy to attend the UN General ASSEMBLY in New York. Will be representing Sierra Leone as Trade and Investment Envoy. The new direction dae push Salone go bifoe Paopally. Mimie Turay,” Mariama JJ Saffa posted on her facebook time line on Monday 24 September.

This has generated lot of comments on social media about the wife of the finance minister as to when she became a trade envoy of Sierra Leone.

When NEW AGE contacted, the Information Minister, Mohamed Rahman Swarray about the number of people in the Presidential Delegation, he said that the rumour of over 40 or more people in the President Convoy is not true but failed to say the number.


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