Year In and Year Out, Audit reports have been slamming the domestic revenue department of National Revenue Authority in some huge financial impropriety.

The recent Audit report is one of such documents that have exposed the National Revenue Authority (NRA).

The report revealed that bank reconciliations were not regularly carried out between the NRA and the transit banks.

That moreover, there was no process by which the amount of non-tax revenue assessed by revenue generating MDAs was compared to the revenue collected by the NRA.

That in the absence of effective and regular reconciliations, a number of issues were not identified and corrected.

That as at 31st December 2018, the revenue totalling Le1.27 billion which should have been transferred to the CF was still outstanding.

That a comparison between quantities uplifted on sales (from C27) and swift payments made by taxpayers (oil companies) in respect of petrol and diesel revealed that differences totalling Le526 million and Le3.5 billion respectively, were still outstanding for import and excise duties.

Recently a civil society organization Budget Advocacy Network (BAN) stated that in a survey conducted, over 60% of business say they have paid bribes to tax officers.


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