By Aruna Momoh Kagbo

Lawyer Yada Hashim Williams of the Yada Williams and Associates Law Firm has schooled the Executive of the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) of its role in protecting members of the Bar.

This came after a letter was written by the General Secretary of the Sierra Leone Bar Association to Yada Williams and Associates responding to their (Yada Williams and Associates) letter of 1st October 2020.

“We are in receipt of the letter dated 9th instant addressed to us in which your General Secretary attempts a response to our letter of 1st October 2020,” Lawyer Williams stated.

He maintained that they are unclear as to which part of their letter suggested that the Sierra Leone Bar Association, especially the current executive does not promote and protect the interest of its members which warranted the unnecessary outlining of the perceived successes of the Executive of the Bar Association for this corporate year.

That their letter in no uncertain terms stated that it was a call to action by the SLBA against the adverse findings made in the Biobele Gerogewill Commission of Inquiry Report against their colleagues and the gross injustice emanating therefrom given the context.

He stated that what was meted out by Justice Biobele Georgewill to their colleagues, A.E Manley-Spaine Esq and Basma and Macaulay and all members of the Bar Association was a pure ‘jungle justice’ that should be resisted by civilised people.

That it is very disappointing that the best the Executive of the Bar Association could offer in promoting and safeguarding the rule of law and to an extent upholding natural justice in ensuring that members who have been unfairly and wrongly treated by Justice Biobele get justice is by closely monitoring their appeal process.

He stated that as a law firm, they now doubt the interest of the Executive of the Bar Association when it comes to protecting and seeking justice for its members.

That other Bar Associations in the subregions in countries like Nigeria, Ghana among others would have put out an unequivocal statement condemning the conduct of Justice Biobele and possibly filed papers in court in order to get justice for their members.

He pointed out that it could now be clear to the entire membership of the Bar Association that the current Bar lacks the capability of defending them when they are under attack.