Report reaching the New Age has indicated that the Executive Director of Heal Salone, Joseph Sannoh has displayed an unlawful act by ordering the demolition of the structure of one Mohamed Jalloh, which is situated at Aberdeen in Freetown.

This unlawful act was carried out by Joseph Sannoh after he had made several unsuccessful attempts to find another land for Mohamed Jalloh against his wish.

Before embarking on his demolition plan, Sannoh categorically told Jalloh that if he (Jalloh) is looking for war he will give it to him in full.

What has surprised Jalloh is as the reason why Sannoh is forcefully pushing for him to leave his land for him (Sannoh) and relocate him to a piece of land at Seven Battalion around the Goderich Area.

Another concern expressed by Jalloh is that Sannoh is trying to take his piece of land from him forcefully on the pretext that he (Sannoh) was the one who championed his travelling out of the country to seek medical attention, which Jalloh noted was done for him by government.

In one of his audio messages in which Sannoh was trying to convince Jalloh to give up his land to him after destroying Jalloh’s place, Sannoh stated that he has seen a place within the very Aberdeen, which is called Crab Town and that he is on the verge of securing the place for Jalloh.

In another audio message he (Sannoh) stated that since Jalloh has refused to accept the places he had wanted to secure for him, he is hopeful that he will accept the one at Crab Town since it is a flat land and one that is motorable.

He said that he will buy Twenty (20) bags of cements, iron rods and other materials in order to help him develop the place, noting that all he needs from Jalloh is his identity card, other relevant information and plan as to how he wants his house to be built.

When Sannoh was contacted by New Age on the issue, he refused to give his side and furthered that it is not the business of a newspaper.

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