The untimely death of a young Medical Doctor at the Connaught Hospital has seen many lips blabbing about the current situation of Sierra Leone’s main referral hospital both on traditional and social media.

The medical doctor who had a motorcycle accident few days before his untimely death was admitted at the ICU Unit of Connaught Hospital but because of basic amenities like oxygen, scanning machines and other medical paraphernalia, he (the doctor) lost his life as there is no scanning machine at Connaught, for which they had to transport Dr Wale to ECOMED for CT Scan of head, neck, chest, abdomen with a repeat at Lifecare Hospital at Lumley but the later refused to take the young Doctor in, sources stated.

According a senior medical doctor who cannot be named for fear of reprisal, Connaught Emergency Room has poor ventilation and just two (2) trolleys.

That poor emergency room facilities, no CT Scan in Sierra Leone’s public flagship hospital, absence of a proper ambulance service, and no standalone electricity supply for ICU is causing frustration to both the medical personnel and the public.

“This man was rushing to go to Connaught to save lives but the same hospital could not save his. It could have happened to anyone of us,” a colleague of Dr. Wale sighed.