By Alieu Kondoh

Magistrate Mark Ngegba presiding over Late Khadija Saccoh’s trial at the Pa Demba Road Magistrate Court No. 2 has committed the case to the High Court based on evidences that showed that the alleged perpetrators killed the late Khadija Saccoh.

On Friday 16th October 2020, Magistrate Mark Ngegba sent the two accused persons, Ibrahim Bah and Mariama Barrie to the High Court on trial for allegedly Killing the deceased, Kadija Saccoh.

Magistrate Mark Ngegba ruled that the defense team in this trial has a case to answer, noting that the government pathologist, Dr. Simon Owizz Koroma’s report showed that the late Kadija Saccoh’s spinal cord was damaged and that she was killed manually.

Magistrate Mark Ngeba continued that before the death of the deceased, Kadija Saccoh, she was under the control of the two accused persons, Ibrahim Bah and Mariama Barrie, and that the state prosecutors have brought before the court enough evidences which are sufficient to send the matter to the High Court for trial.

The two accused persons were charged by the police with conspiracy to murder and murder contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.