By Austin Luseni

The minister of energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has presented a new 400 KVA transformer to the people of Fourah Bay in the Eastern part of Freetown, to help boost the supply of electricity in the community.

While addressing residents of the community, Minister Sesay maintained that he had received several concerns about the community experiencing a week blackout which he said was unacceptable, considering the crucial place and strategic relevance of the community.

He noted that the 315 KVA transformer which the community was relying on for the supply of electricity had developed serious mechanical problems as a result of the burden brought to bear on it, by the expansion of the community and the accompanying increase in the number of persons using electricity, as well as the heavy appliances used.

The minister commended Honourable Koyo and Alhaji Sidi Bakarr for constantly reminding him about the electricity situation in the area and for championing the cause of the community.

He stated that they were not in the community to repair the old and aged transformer, but to present to the people a new one, which in his estimation, would be more than enough to serve the electricity needs of the community and to boost quality.

He promised that with concern and keen interest similar problems of transformer experienced in other nearby communities like the Savage Square, Bishop Johnson Community in a not too distant future, theirs would also be looked into.

He assured the community that their LV Panel will also be replaced with a new one, and called on them to own the transformer by securing it.

He added that engineers would be sent to the area the to energize the transformer and promised that he would endeavor to visit the area to formally turn on the transformer after the energization process.

The minister used the occasion to remind the community about the threat of the corona virus, while also imploring them to continue to observe social distancing protocols and to adhere to other preventive regulations.

At the ceremony were the Member of Parliament Hon. Koyo, Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Energy Hon.Kekura Vandi, Alhaji Sidi Bakarr, AIG Samadia and other community stakeholders.

This intervention could not have come at a better time than now as was evident in the rousing reception and popular euphoria with which the people greeted his visit and the presentation of the transformer.


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