Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, his Deputy Dr. Taylor and team from the Ministry of Energy over the weekend inspected consignment of Special Meters called Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Smart Prepaid Meters and 11 KV high-voltage power outbox at the warehouse of the Holley Technology Ltd at Grafton, Western Rural, Freetown.

The reason for procuring such highly sophisticated and advanced electricity meters is to institute strong control measures to improve on revenue generation, regulate energy usage and to combat energy abstraction.

The advanced Metering Infrastructure is for highly paid Customers and for Industrial and Commercial purposes such as factories, banks etc.  The meters will also be used to replace undersized, bypassed and faulty meters.

1,250 Low Voltage (LV) meters with Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) facility, 20,000 single face meters, 1,000 three face meters and 45 11Kv high-voltage outdoor power box were inspected.

All the bulk meters come with the AMI function which means that one will be able to use them remotely without getting any physical contact with the meters while the 21,000 SDS meters are AMI enablers.

Experts from China who would be joining the EDSA team to aggressively embark on the installation of these advanced meters to the targeted users have already arrived in the country.

This is a World Bank funded project- Bulk Meter Project with the project name, Design, Supply and Installation of Bulk Supply Metering and STS Split Prepayment meter under the Energy Sector Utility Reform Project (ESURP).

Government of Sierra Leone and World Bank are the financiers, with Holley Technology Ltd as the procurement agency. Holley Technology Ltd is a Private Vendor doing wholesale of Meters covering Freetown, Lungi, Portloko and Lunsar.