Son of Former President Siaka Stevens and senior member of the main opposition All People Congress (APC), Jengo Stevens has blamed former President Koroma for the death of a senior citizen called Abdul Mustapha.

Jengo Stevens made this claim in an open letter written to the All People Congress (APC) concerning the resignation of President Ernest Bai Koroma on January 3.

“I should not fail to mention during Ernest’s tenure as State President, a senior and well placed Sierra Leonean was killed at his home at night and the house set on fire,” Jengo Steven explained.

He said that even a lady who was also in the house at the moment was also killed amidst rumour that a government registered vehicle was seen at the scene at the time.

Jengo Stevens maintained that he is surprised that the police could not arrest anyone neither conducts an investigation or set up an inquest even though properties were lost and two lives gone.

“Lord have mercy, who was then behind this? Or who were they? Whatever it was, I apportioned blame on the then Ernest Koroma regime for not affecting a thorough investigation and for not letting the country know the full story,” Jengo Stevens said. “Please let us feel free in this land we love, our Sierra Leone.”

People believed that Mustapha, who was a senior staff at the National Revenue Authority (NRA) was killed because he was in a love relationship with the wife of a powerful person in the then APC government of President Koroma.

When the SLPP Government of President Bio came to power, family members of the late Mustapha wrote to President Bio and the then Attorney General Charles Francis Margai, calling for an inquest into the death of their sons.


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