Morie Lengor, Secretary to the Commissions of Inquiry

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Majority of Sierra Leoneans are in support of the government of President Bio’s fight against corruption but what they seemed to be against is the issue of using the fight against corruption as a tool for political retaliation and revenge and to settle personal scores.

Just last Month, the former Minister of Defense, Alfred Palo Conteh accused Morie Lengor who is the Secretary to the Commissions of Inquiry of illegally confiscating their properties even before the Commissions conclude their investigation.

“When I asked the ACC Boss, he claimed the Commission is not the one confiscating property but that I should contact Morie Lengor,” Palo Conteh explained in a whatsapp video.

As that is happening accusations of Morie Lengor trying to use the Commissions of Inquiry (COI) to his own advantage have also cropped up.

That Morie Lengor as the Secretary to the Commission of Inquiry has decided to bring the issue of a piece of land along Lumley Beach which was initially leased to one Henry Tamba Bongay.

Document in the hands of New Age revealed that this land was allocated to Bongay in 2000 with the idea that his approved project was to commence within six months and completed within three years.

Failing to develop the land within the same stipulated time, Bongay asked that the Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment transfer the said portion of land to KBS Ltd in May 2013.

That Bongay collected US$ 40, 000 from KBS and at the same time allegedly collected another $50,000 from another party.

This particular land issue was investigated by the Criminal Investigation Department when the now Secretary to the Commissions of Inquiry, Morie Lengor was the Head of Crime Management in the Sierra Leone Police in 2017.

They completed the investigation and the Law Officer Department advised that the matter has no legal basis and it should be thrown out.

A letter from the Ministry of Tourism in 2017 stated, “Furthermore the Hon Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs notes with disappointment that the Head of Crime Management requests for access to be granted to Mr. Bongay as the MLCPE failed to accurately check their records prior to proffering their recommendation to the police.”

It is believed that the issue that has been resolved is being brought to the COI even though the issue on the Ministry of Lands has because closed because of personal reasons rather than national interest and with fingers pointing to the secretary of the commissions.

When Morie Lengor was contacted via text message after failing to pick up his call, he responded he cannot comment then regarding the issues.

Details on this in subsequent editions.


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