The Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Francis Ben Kaifala has in a video in an interview by the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire Television accused the opposition party of trying to justify corruption in the current administration and to some extent defending the current administration.

This accusing statement was made by the ACC Boss during his outlining of the current status of the fight against corruption in the country.

“The capital that the country has gain in the fight against corruption is at its zenith. Therefore, interest groups want to highjack that capital weaponize it politically against their opponent,” Ben Kaifala stated.

That it used to be the worries of the ACC of the ruling government doing that the case is now different as the opposition who wants to gain access to power want to now come to the ACC and use the ACC to eliminate their opponents.

For which the ACC Boss referenced that, the Africanist Press is putting out all this information in the media about the Chief Minister’s Office buying fuel, paying per-diem, entering into contracts which were approved by the NPPA which is the institution that has the right to approve certain procurement procedures for which the NPPA has come out and acknowledged that they approved the contract.

“So, with all the capitals and gains that we have made in fighting corruption, if we do not arrest the Chief Minister, to them we are not fighting corruption,” he stressed.

It is belief of many people that such statements should not come from him as the Commissioner of the ACC, noting that it is not his responsibility to speak for the governing party and that it is the job of the government spokesperson.