Having spent 12 days in the smelly cells of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Sierra Leone Police, Managing Director of First International Bank (FIB), Hassiatu Jalloh Agbage has been released from CID on bail on Sunday 30 December.

Though she spent 12 days in detention, neither the female banker nor her lawyers have been told the reason for his arbitrary arrest.

The police refused to tell her why she was arrested and detained at the smelly cell of the CID.

The reason many believed she was kept in cell is because she signed a contempt action against the Bank Governor of Sierra Leone in the High Court of Sierra Leone for overriding an injunction slammed by the court and for unreasonable and senselessly declaring her unfit to run any bank in Sierra Leone.

That her detention is as a result of orders from above in which  top people in the corridors of power are being named to have machinated.

That they don’t know what will be the next action of Dr Agabage in exposing the egregious underhand game for which some people in the government of Bio are involved.Unconfirmed report from Nigeria states that the issue of the FIBank in Sierra Leone has strained the relationship between the government of Sierra Leone and that of Nigeria.

Details in subsequent edition.


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