Sierra Leone’s top female Banker, Assiatu Jalloh Agbage is now in detention for merely exercising her rights as a human being and as a citizen of Sierra Leone and for standing up for the truth.

The female Banker has spent up to 6 days including spending the Christmas Holiday at the smelly cells of the Criminal Investigation Department.

It is believed that her detention was as a result of orders from above in which Sierra Leone’s Attorney General, Pricilla Schwarz  and other top people in State House are named in the whole saga.

Agbage was apparently arrested because she allegedly signed a document for contempt action against Sierra Leone’s Bank  Governor  for wrongfully handing over the FIBANK Sierra Leone Limited to Lilium Holdings Limited and Lilium Grey’s who have no authentic proof of having legally bought the bank group’s shares and also for impugning on her image and profession by arbitrarily declaring her “unfit and proper to administer any financial institution in Sierra Leone” without any due diligence.

It is believed after several attempts to ensure that  Assiatu Jalloh Agbaje is bought over, people in high places in the corridors of power are now angry with her for standing tough and refused to relinquish her position.

To ensure that they bring Assiatu Jalloh down, a fictitious financial crime has been levied on her because the police can hold people up to 10 days for financial crime before charging them to court.

Under her watch as Managing Director of FIBank, Assiatu Jalloh has transformed the bank with huge profit margin and with over 17 branches across the country.



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