First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Jabbie Bio

Sierra Leone’s first lady broke silence after rumors about her on social media. Fatima Jabbie Bio explained on her Facebook page dubbed Office of the First Lady, Republic of Sierra Leone that she is not receiving a penny from government coffers.

She lamented that she is not receiving any money from the Government budget and that all what she is spending is her personal money and that of her husband, President Julius Maada Bio.

“I am the only first lady in the world without a wardrobe allowance,” she stressed, adding that; because she is First Lady when she goes out to make her outfit she will be charged three times the normal price.

That all the charity she has been giving out is her personal money and that she is begging no one, noting that, she visits no government office because she doesn’t want people to break the law for her sake.

That at age 40 she has become a pensioner because she has been working and a titled was just given to her without salary.

She maintained that she was the one feeding the people who were in quarantine with her personal money and nothing from the government of Sierra Leone.

She said that people should be praying for the Corona Virus to be over soon because Sierra Leone is just recovering from the thousands of death Ebola caused her (Sierra Leone).

However, the first lady was quick to acquiesce that her flagship project, Hands Off Our Girls was funded by the state for which she said, it is because Hands Off Our Girls is a national project


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