Mam Sait Jallow, regional director for Western and Central Africa, International Civil Aviation Organisation last Friday 5 October ended his visit to Sierra Leone.

In his two day visit, the regional director met with the Minister of Transport and Aviation, the Minister of Finance and the African Development Bank.

He explained that the purpose of the visit is to ensure that aviation is strengthened in Sierra Leone with greater autonomy for the aviation authority.

According to him, the meeting with ADB is to express the objective of the mission which amongst them is to update himself with development and share experiences with them on civil aviation.

“I am satisfied that the objective has been met,” Jallow expressed, adding that; he also meet with the Ministers of Transport and that of Finance respectively.

He stated that civil aviation should be identified as a priority by strengthening the Civil Aviation Authority in Sierra Leone.

He revealed that they have an outstanding project for Sierra Leone which will commence shortly with technical assessment.

“A lot of development is with regards civil aviation infrastructure but we should not leave behind the capacity aspect,” he maintained.

He said that he is impressed with the commitment of the government as it shows that there is potential for aviation to grow in the country.

Director General, Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority Moses I Baio said that there are key strategic policy actions which this visit has addressed-certification of the Lungi international airport, strengthen institutional capacity with adequate resources and the issue relating to safety deficiencies.

He explained that for a very long time aviation was neglected because of ignorance.

“I am overwhelmed because the visit has sent the right message,” Baio maintained.


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