Defence Counsel   for the second Accused , Hussain Mukson Sesay in the ongoing matter of the Inspector – General of Police versus Dr Sylvia Blyden and Hussain Mukson Sesay did a surgical cross examination of the Prosecution Witness 1 , Detective Supretendent MK Alieu , today at the Magistrate Court No . 1 .

Hussain Mukson Sesay was charged with one count of “ doing an act tending and intending to pervert the course of Justice “ with particulars of the offence that he photographed an ongoing investigation and published it on social media .

Under cross examination by Defence Counsel Melron C. Nicol – Wilson , PW1 Detective Supretendent MK Alieu admitted that he did not see Mukson taking a photograph of an ongoing investigations and that during the course of his investigation of Mukson no one told him that he saw Mukson taking a photograph of an ongoing investigation . He further admitted that he cannot tell whether the picture of an ongoing investigation that he saw on Mukson’s mobile phone two days after the incident , was taken by him or downloaded from a social media platform . Finally MK Alieu stated that during the investigations Hussain Mukson Sesay denied the allegations and said he never took the said photograph .

During his examination in chief , Detective Supretendent MK Alieu has stated that he was notified by several people about a picture that has gone viral on social media relating to an ongoing investigations in his office , for which the second Accused was latter arrested and charged after the said picture was seen in his mobile phone two days after the event  when he took food for Dr Blyden at the detention facilities at the Criminal Investigations Department .

The matter was adjourned to the 13th of July , 2020 for the Cyber Witness to Testify as Prosecution Witness No. 3 .


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