The people honorable’s, Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers has declared for the position of Deputy National Secretary General for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

As the SLPP National Convention date draws nearer, Honorable Alex Mattia is poised to popularize his ambition to become the next Deputy National Secretary General in the forthcoming National Delegates Convention slated for 11th & 12th June, 2021 in Bo City.

Following a peaceful conduct of the Southern Region Executive elections in Bo City, during which Alhaji Kansas Sesay (Minister of Energy) was elected as Regional Chairman; Bum Wai (of the Ministry of Agriculture) being elected as Deputy Regional Chairman, Hon Alex Mattia Rogers wasted no time to make an open declaration to all Pujehun District Delegates from the 6 Constituencies, at Mammy Hokie Hotel in Bo.

In a well-attended meeting, Hon Rogers was presented to the Pujehun Delegates by Honorable MomohBockarie, Secretary General of the Kenema District Parliamentary Caucus.

In his opening remarks, Hon MomohBockarie informed the delegates that the current sitting SLPP MPs have by unanimity resolved to put up Hon Rogers for this enviable position.

All 6 Constituency Chairmen including the District Secretary General, District Women’s Leader and District Imam declared their unflinching support for their brother, Hon Alex Rogers.

Honorable Alex Mattia Rogers, MP for Constituency 102 who doubles as the Parliamentary Caucus Leader for Pujehun District did declare his intention of running for the position of Deputy National Secretary General at a historic visit of His Excellency the President Julius Maada Bio at ZimmiMakpele witnessed by host of party hierarchical structure; national, regional, district and lower-level strata respectively.

The Party National Chairman was in attendance together with some Cabinet Ministers.