Solar Hotel at Aberdeen in Freetown has come under the radar of the new Minister of Lands Housing and Country Planning, Dr Turad Senesie.

In a press release dated July 5th 2021, the Ministry of Lands and Country Planning informed the public that it has placed a moratorium on all activities on the piece and parcels of land hosting the Solar Hotel.

That any individual or institution laying claims to the said property, which according to the release belongs to the Government of Sierra Leone must submit all relevant documents to the Ministry of Lands Housing and Country Planning.

That anyone engaging in any form of transaction with anybody over the said land is doing so at his/her own risk.

Investigation carried out by the NEW AGE revealed that the said land was surreptitiously sold by the Government of Sierra Leone under former President Koroma to Lebanese wheeler-dealer Hisham Mackie in 2014 during the Ebola Scourge.

That the said property was owned by partners of which Government’s interest and dues were paid to the state.

Hisham Mackie is the same businessman that enjoyed the monopolization of the country gateway and together with the former President made millions of dollars which was revealed by the government technical audit of state enterprises.