By Aruna M Kargbo

The Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA), Ibrahim Sannoh and his Deputy, James Baggie Bio have been accused to have been involved in the harassment and intimidation of a lady who was driving along the Aberdeen-Lumley Beach Road.

That the lady, Makalay Sesay was interrupted by the Executive Director, Sannoh who asked her to park her vehicle despite her pleading that she wanted to go home.

People who were at the scene of the event, informed New Age that there was no ongoing vehicular check when Makalay was stopped by Sannoh and that other vehicles plied freely without being checked.

That Sannoh held onto to the licenses of Madam Sesay and insisted that she should speak with him against her wish.

That Sannoh instructed one of his wardens to carry out a thorough check on the vehicle, who said that the vehicle has no extinguisher, adding that the Deputy Executive Director, James Bio asked that the vehicle should be clamped if the fine for not having an extinguisher is not paid.

That a fine of Four Hundred Thousand Leones (Le400,000) was paid by Makalay for which a receipt was issued without any official stamp on it.

SLRSA maintained that a Road Safety Corp issued a ticket to Makalay Sesay with vehicle registration No. ANO 606 on Sunday during their regular joint operation with the Sierra Leone Police for driving without Fire Extinguisher and Triangular Reflector.

 That the sum of Four Hundred Thousand Leones was demanded to be paid as a fine and was paid on the spot in accordance with the law.

That the incidence happened in the presence of the Executive Director, Ibrahim Sannoh, Deputy Executive Director, James Baggie Bio and the Director of Safety and Enforcement, Agustine Kaitongi.

That no harassment or intimidation took place and that the Road Safety Corp acted in accordance with the law.