At the Bintumani national dialogue on peace and national cohesion some hard truths have come for the government of President Julius Maada Bio especially by the fearless President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Basita Michael.

Michael stated in her statement last Friday 24 March which was day 2 of the conference that national dialogue is very important and those leaders who missed out on the national dialogue have missed out in making their views known.

She said that one can’t speak about peace when one imposes a speaker on the majority party in parliament and that one can’t preach peace when people who have security of tenure are being sacked without reverence to statue and the constitution.

“The first lady should tone down a bit especially when everyone is looking at her as mother of the nation,” Michael stated.

Her statement has left ruling party lackeys running wild on social media as some have attacked her while others have asked her to take responsibility for the silence of past Bar Association leadership on national issue.

But she made it very clear, “I cannot take responsibility for what happened in the past. I can only take responsibility for my own leadership.”


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