Guma Valley Water Company has expressed that threat pose to the supply of portable water to people living in Freetown is becoming serious than it used to be.

“The Guma Valley Water Company is worried at the rampant spate of deforestation ongoing at the Guma Dam Trail at the No. 2 River Community, which has the tendency to expose the Guma Dam which supplies over 90% of potable water to Freetown to severe climate change impacts,” they stated.

That efforts that have been made by Guma in engaging relevant partners turned out fruitless as there is no change forthcoming for the better in terms of securing portable water.

That at the starting of this year, the management of Guma Valley brought to the attention of government the serious concern of deforestation posed to the land which affects the work of Guma. 

“This led to the setting up of an Inter-Ministerial Committee comprising: Ministries of Environment, Water Resources, Lands, EPA, NWRMA, NPPA, etc, to come up with resolutions for the attention of Government,” they maintained.

That several meetings have been held and water catchment sites visited by the Committee to get firsthand information on the situation; despite these efforts, the deforestation of the Western Area Peninsular Forest continues unabated and is getting worse by the day.

The Communication Persons of Guma Valley, Alie Kabba maintained that if the ongoing deforestation is not controlled in the Western Area Peninsular, it will spill doom to water supply in the near future.

He stated that the several engagements have not been yielding fruit because of the unwilling actions of some ministries of which he clearly pointed at the Ministry of Land.

That they are calling on the Government to take a critical look at the deforestation menace around the Guma Dam at Mile 13 as it poses a serious threat to water supply to Freetown.


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