Sierra Leone is known for not protecting her own as against others that they hardly know about in this part of the world it is known as the pulling him/her down syndrome (PHD).

As government changed hands business people are flooding into the country to seek for business opportunities but not all of them are genuine.

That is the situation of a self-proclaimed Beninois  business man, Jean Codo who is in the country to convince the government of Sierra Leone to remove the contract from  Sierra Leonean owned GTMS.

Having made several failed attempts with the last government of President Koroma to secure this contract on the pretext that he is the true owner of Transport and Port Management Solution (TPMS) which is now Global Tracking and Maritime Solution (GTMS), Jean Codo and one of his errand boys, Nigerian, Nouruou Deen are in the country to get the cargo tracking contract through flawed means.

Jean Codo was kicked out of TPMS because he failed to provide the initial start up capital of US $300,000.

The question now on the lips of many is why Jean Code is refusing to go to court if he believes he is the owner of GTMS whose contract was ratified by Parliament in 2015.

Jean Codo claims that his company Associated Transport and Port Management Solution (ATPMS) is operating in Nigeria, Madagascar, Guinea and the United States of America but findings revealed that he is not operating in any of the above countries.

He also claims that he has office in Belgium but facts have proven that he has no office in Belgium and at the same time cannot produce any data for officials to see with regards his ATPMS operations.

In fact, the Federal Government of Nigeria has taken him to court for allegedly squandering moneys on the pretext of having a license to operate in Nigeria.

Sierra Leonean owned GTMS has employed up to 1,000 Sierra Leoneans and at the same time helping the government to increase its revenue drive in the country.

In fact this was highlighted by a commissioner for Sierra Leone’s National Revenue Authority (NRA) that GTMS is greatly helping the government in revenue generation through its cargo tracking.

Recently, Sierra Leone’s GTMS has been awarded the Cargo Tracking Note Contracts in Liberia, Guinea and it is pursuing several in Southern Africa.


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