It has been revealed that staff making up the total number of Twenty-Seven (27) individuals are on the payroll of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) without relevant documents to show that they are staff of the ministry.

That a total salary of the tune of Le1,252,822,596 was made as payment to the unknown individuals without appropriate evidence to prove their status as staff.

This inappropriate spending by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) was made known by the recently published Audit Report.

“We observed that 50 staff were on the payroll of the Ministry. Total salaries of Le2,470,202,760 were paid to them without evidence of appointment letters and, or transfer letters to confirm their eligibility as staff,” the audit stated.

Responding to the audit demand for justification for the payment made by the ministry the Deputy Financial Secretary, Administration stated that supporting documents such as appointment and or transfer letters were available for verification.

That after the submission of evidence to the auditors by the ministry, twenty-seven (27) individuals out of the fifty (50) remain unclear, for which the audit maintained that the issued is partly resolved.