Backing up their prayers and fasting with giving, Good News Prayer Group has supported Three (3) Communities with food items and hundreds of face masks.

The food items included rice, garrie, sugar, milk, ovaltine, butter, maggie, tomatoes, onions among others.

Tengbeh Town West of Freetown, Williams Street in the Central Part of Freetown and Sumalia Town are the three communities that benefited from the feeding.

Explaining about The Good News Prayer Group and how the feeding came about, Sister Josephine Findlay stated that the Spiritual Leaders of Good News Prayer Group Brother and Sister Gilpin are currently based in London as the founder of the Group but their blessings gave them the opportunity to do what they are doing.

She furthered that they gathered fund which they started on Ash Wednesday and Closed on Good Friday annually to feed people after Easter which they describe as Act of Love Thy Neighbor.

This year’s feeding coincided with The Good News Prayer Group 45th anniversary. 

She pointed out that the only time they talk about money in the Group is the time of Act of Love Thy Neighbor because their Group is purely for prayers and fasting and they loved doing such Act because of the love they have for their neighbors.

She said it is out of members’ freewill they are feeding people. 

Sister Josephine continued that they extended their feeding this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

“We decided to extend it to other communities beside 1C Old Railway Line. We fed them and gave out 100 Face Masks in each of the three communities,” she confirmed.

The Good News Prayer Group worked with the Councilors in those three communities, the Group looked for needy people in those communities and served them with no discrimination both male and female with different religious background.

The Good News Prayer Group expressed that they are happy because they are doing it for the Lord, not for themselves.

They shared health guards to the beneficiaries and advise them to do what health authorities are saying.

Beneficiaries thanked Good News Prayer Group and described the donation as timely.


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