One of Sierra Leone’s popular gay activists has become a victim of societal descent as he is being threatened back home for his vociferous activism for gay right.

Abdul Salam Jalloh, who many believed is a gay himself has been on the run since April 20 2017  because of the threat on his life. His family has not only disowned him but they have also cursed him because of what they say is an abominable acts which is against not only their ethics as family but also as a tribe and religion

Jalloh comes from the Fullah tribe, an ethnic group that is very conservative and deeply religious as most of them are muslim. Some group of young boys surrounded the house of Jalloh, calling for his head because he is cursed for his activism on gay.

Jalloh only managed to escape from their house through the window to save his life. His mother has become subjected of ridicule in society which has caused some form of psychological problems for her.

In Sierra Leone, “gayism” is not only condemned but it is a crime that could make people spends their entire life in Prison. It is still unclear the where about of Abdul Salam Jalloh as police are still looking out for him for prosecution.


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