At the just concluded G20 Summit in Japan, G20 nations recognized the role Securiport is playing in global peace and  security through data and analytics security.

As such the CEO and President of SECURIPORT, Enrique Segura   made a brilliant presentation on data and analytic security in the world and how Securiport has contributed positively towards global peace.

He explained the importance of using data analyses in exposing criminals  when the reach the shores of a nation.

“The combination of data records allows us to construct a map that can profoundly and powerfully define individuals, expose what they may hiding, illuminating what laws they may be intent on violating and what danger they may pose. This how we help nations maintain security and safeguard their people, asset and peace,” he added *

Countries in which Securiport is operating have received upsurge investment and boost in their tourism.

Countries like the US, UK, EU, South America, East Africa, Central Africa, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Equitorial Guinea to name but a few are examples of countries that have seen the huge benefit of Securiport’s presence.

Even Interpol and other security apparatus in the world recognize Securiport for their efficiency and high-tech security architecture.

Fortunately for Sierra Leone, this globally acclaimed security giant is in the country  but it was not utilized well under the last administration.

From all indication, it is believed that if the current government of Julius Maada Bio takes Securiport seriously and fully  utilize its top notch capability, will not only make Sierra Leone a safe destination for tourist but will attract the fortune 500 companies in the world to  evaluate Sierra Leone  as a safe place for business, thus creating job opportunities, transfer of technology and increasing the air traffic which will positively impact the economy.


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