It is said in the wisdom of Solomon in the Holy Bible-Proverbs 29:20,” Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? There is more hope of a fool than of him.”

The word is basically saying that a wise will not speak in haste just because of the jollies of power and forget about what tomorrow will bring.

So it is with Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, UK Academic turned politician, David Francis who when he was launching the Government Transition Team (GTT) Report said among other thing that he is not a politician but a technocrat.

Chief Minister started to change tongue when he launched the AWOL Award last December by stating that he is a technocrat with the political instinct to survive.

A report from the eastern district headquarter town of Kenema indicated that the Chief Minister has self-righteously proclaimed himself as the political leader of the eastern district headquarter town of Kenema.

That the Chief Minister made these political statements in a town hall meeting in Kenema district on Saturday 8 February, noting that any Politician that will flout this instruction will face the full force of the party principles.

That anyone who will flout this instruction will be considered an enemy to the development of Kenema.

“This is time for Kenema to develop and such can only happen when there is peace and unity among the indigenes,” Francis asserted.

Many people believed that the statement of the Chief Minister in Kenema is a statement of intent for top seat in the SLPP when President Bio will bow out either in 2023 or 2028.

Amadu Farboi told NEW AGE that if the party considers giving leadership to Chief Minister it will be a disaster as he described the Chief Minister as a divisive personality.

“Let him make peace with some of the Kenema people he is having problem with before asking us to be peaceful,”  Fatu Vandi.


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