Lumley Beach, Freetown

In a land matter being investigated by the Commission of Inquiry No. 1, before Justice Biobele Georgewill, Henry Tamba Bongay has testified that the plot of land he acquired on lease through the National Tourist Board in 2000 has not been taken from him and that he is still the owner of the land despite confirming that he sold the same land to Patrick Congo.

During cross examination, the lawyer for the erstwhile Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Musa Tarawally, Hassan Kamara told Bongay that he did not meet all the condition before the land was given to him.

He told the commission that the former Minister of Lands, Musa Tarawally invited him to his house at Hill Station where he was given the sum of USD 40,000 for the said land and gave USD25, 000 to one Patrick Congo without any receipt to the effect.

He confirmed receiving the sum of USD 50,000 from Jeff Kargbo for the same land which according to him is for the development of the land, but told the Commission that he signed a lease agreement and leased the land to Jeff Kargbo saying that the document is incomplete.

Lawyer Kamara showed the witness a letter dated 15th May, 2013 with his signature requesting for the transfer of the land to Jeff Kargbo.

The witness said he knew about the letter but the signature in it is not his.

The lawyer put it to him that the meeting with Musa Tarawally at his Hill Station residence was to settle the land issue.

His flip-flopping caused Justice Biobelle Georgewill to ask the witness that despite collecting USD 65,000 for the land, and still owning the land, who is being cheated?

The lawyer told the witness that he has no right to sub-lease the land to Jeff Kargbo when he does not have the freehold of the land.


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