The Minister of Agriculture, Dennis Vandy who was the then Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education Science and Technology has been ordered by government to pay back moneys he misappropriated and embezzled into the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) account.

This was made known in the just released government white paper report on the Commissions of Inquiry (COI) which was set up by the current administration to look into activities of the previous government.

The white paper report maintained that the Ministry of Education which was managed by Dennis Vandy and others was the most recklessly managed ministry as it was run like a cartel and criminal enterprise.

As a result of the level of corruption and embezzlement displayed by Vandy and his cohort, which has cost the government of Sierra Leone trillions of Leones, government has ordered pay back.

Government has ordered that Dennis Vandy and others should pay back the sum of over Ten Billion Leones (Le10,000,000,000) into the CRF account for a withdrawal made for the School Feeding program without supporting documents.

That Vandy and others should pay into the CRF account the sum of Le 9.9 Billion which was withdrawn and used on College Fees subsidies without detailed supporting documents.

That the sum of Twenty-Three Million US Dollars (US $23,000,000) used for revitalization of education development in the country which remained uncounted for should be paid into the CRF by Vandy and others.

That they should also repay the sum of Thirty-Four Million Dollars (US $34,000,000) which was a grant from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for the construction of technical and vocational institutions in the country, which they withdrawn without supporting documents among other issues.