One of the Hon. Members of the main opposition in parliament for Constituency 066, Karene District, Hon. Mohamed Bangura has been called to order by his party Leadership in parliament to give good reasons for deliberately leaving the Well of Parliament before the voting for the new National Electoral Commission (NEC) Boss.

“The leadership of the APC in parliament note with dismay your conspicuous absence from Tuesday 28th July, 2020 which notice was published on the MPs Parliamentary forum as crucial and stated that the attendance of APC MPs is a must,” stated the query letter.

Query further that the leadership was fully aware of the presence of Hon. Mohamed Bangura in the Well of Parliament at the begging of the parliamentary proceedings and left without permission.

“You deliberately left the Well of Parliament, knowing fully well that a crucial vote for the NEC Boss was pending. You will recall that the Leader read a letter from our party office defining the position of the above mentioned subject matter,” the Leadership maintained.

That he (Bangura) should explain within 48 hours to the party leadership in parliament why disciplinary action should not be taken against him for rebelling against the party’s position.

Responding to the query, Hon. Mohamed Bangura acknowledged that he was partly absent from the Tuesday 28th July, 2020 plenary sitting of parliament, noting that he did not receive any notice as claimed by his Leadership.

“Let me state at the onset that I received no such purported notice published on the MPs Parliamentary forum instructing that the attendance of APC MPs was a must,” Bangura countered.

He thanked the Leadership for acknowledging that he was at Parliament at the beginning of the sitting but also surprised at the concern that he left the Well of Parliament without permission.

He noted that the concern to obtain permission before leaving Parliament is not part of their usual practice.

That the concern that he was fully aware of the crucial nature of the vote on the confirmation of the NEC Boss was hypothetical as he was briefed by the party’s Leadership on the issue.

However, concern raised by party stalwarts is that Hon. Mohamed Bangura seems to be undecided in terms of his political loyalty.

That some years back he was with the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) party where he left and formed the United Democratic Movement (UDM) party before joining the All Peoples Congress (APC) party.


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