The quest to see the ball roll is an uncompromising position for football loving fans. This is same, world over.

Football brings people together and of course it is the most loved sporting discipline in Sierra Leone.

True to truism, the game has not been well institutionalized over the years.

Many football talents continue to suffer for this.

It is on this note, that football stakeholders have welcomed a report that exonerated Rodney Michael from all charges of match fixing and irregularities in the game that precluded him from contesting at the last SLFA elective Congress.

As the build up to the next Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) elective congress takes momentum, many football stakeholders have backed the candidacy of Rodney Michael.

This move they justify is for Rodney to give a new face to the game of football in Sierra Leone.

“Football has a major role to play in the development of young people in Sierra Leone,” a popular sports commentator, Alpha Monarchy Conteh of Mile 91 said.

Conteh, who is presently studying in China, said for far too long, many talented players are finding it very difficult to thrive because there is no sober football league.

He emphasized that, the continued disagreement of stakeholders within the game is undermining progress.

He again identified the fact that since the country is without a proper league, many talents who went abroad for trial are not making it.

This, he said, is frustrating to say the least.

“I want to see a president like Rodney Michael at the SLFA who is only there to serve,” Conteh said, adding, Mr. Michael is on record to have promoted football teams at local level.

This reason among other things, he believed, placed Mr. Michael at a pool position to clinch the SLFA presidency.

A female Sport writer who spoke to the New Age on Condition of anonymity said Mr. Michael has suffered a lot for the game.

She called on all football stakeholders to close ranks and look at the bigger picture, saying as it is, Rodney Michael is the most qualified person to handle the position.

She concluded by saying this time around, Mr. Michael should be given the opportunity to serve Sierra Leone at the SLFA because, according to her, when he does, the country benefits.