By Aruna M Kargbo

Flood victims of the 2015 flashflood have bitterly expressed the inhuman way they were treated by authorities of the past regime who were tasked with the responsibility of providing housing facility for them after they were left homeless by that disaster.

Explaining their ordeals, one of the victims, Mariama Serray Samura stated that at the time of relocating them from the National Stadium which was provided as a temporary residence, they were told that houses have already been constructed for them to move in.

Madam Samura disclosed that when they got to the place where they were assured of living in properly constructed houses, what they saw were corrugated iron sheet structures (‘pan bodies’) and that they were promised that within the period of Six (6) months proper structures would have been built for them.

That they agreed with the hope that, the promise made will be fulfilled, adding that the Six (6) months period came without no work done as was promised.

She maintained that the Vice-President at that time, Victor Bockarie Foh who was in charge of the project came to the place and asked for sample structures to be constructed.

That after the construction of the sample structures, on the unveiling ceremony of the structures, which was witnessed by former President Koroma, former Vice-President Foh among other dignitaries, that Victor Foh stated that they (flood victims) were not fit to live in houses of such standard.

She maintained that despite the fact that a special account was opened and huge sum of money donated by organizations and individuals to come to their aid, their condition remains the same as the money was not utilized for their benefit.