Fatima Jabbie Bio, first lady of Sierra Leone has talked about a new initiative dubbed, “Hands off Our Girls” at the Headquarters of one of the leading mobile companies Africel at Wilberforce in Freetown.

Fatima Jabbie Bio explained that the initiative will officially be launched on the 14 of December together with other first ladies in the sub-region.

“Rape, teenage pregnancies and early marriage are not just issues of Sierra Leone but the whole of the sub-region”  the first lady averred.

She solicited the support of the media, parliament, the judiciary and every Sierra Leonean to help in building the future of Sierra Leone.

“We are abusing our own. If you don’t have people who will empower themselves, free education is of no use,” she asserted.

She added: “we don’t negotiate with rapist. What you don’t do to your own children, you should not do to other children.”

She stated that there is no religion that is supporting early child marriage, noting that: “rape is a cultural issue and not a religious one.”

She explained that she will do everything possible to ensure that early child marriage, rape and teenage pregnancies  are eradicated.

“I am a different first lady. I am crazy when I want things to be done. If it takes me to beg the law makers to come up with tougher laws, I will do it. If it is for me to meet the traditional leaders in the country, I will do so with respect,” the first lady maintained.


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