Report reaching SALONE TIMES revealed that the recent Law School Enrollment is allegedly based on favoritism and political connection as over 58 students were rejected.

Sierra Leone law school is no stranger to scandal-if it is not massive failure, it is changing the rules in the middle of the game or embarking on some form of favoritism and connection in it enrolment.

In its enrollment this year, the school embarked on mock interview for students and students who are not political connected were at the end of the day allegedly rejected.

The basic requirement on the Law School website is at least third class degree in law from a recognized university or higher learning institution of a commonwealth country which is inconsonance with the Legal Practitioners Act of which the 58 students met and in some cases surpassed.

It is believed that the reason why the school decided to take only 65 students out of the 123 students that applied was as a result of space and the fact that the over 101 students that failed the bar final exams last  year have expressed interest in the matter.

The report continued that the 58 student who have been unjustly rejected have met with the Minister of Youth, the Deputy Attorney General and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

That acting Chief Justice, Justice B Marke has summoned the acting registrar to find a way of solving this issue.


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