Since the publication of the Government Transition Team report by  Chief Minister David Francis, highlighting serious financial misappropriation and in the words of the Chief Minister ‘egregious’ state looting, some former government ministers and heads of parastal are on the run.

President Julius Maada Bio in his December 9 Speech commemorating the World Anti-Corruption Day said that there will be no hiding places for people who looted Sierra Leone as they will be captured anywhere they are hiding.

“We will use international anti-corruption agreements to ensure that persons who steal Sierra Leone government funds have no places to hide or enjoy their ill-gotten wealth,” Bio assured Sierra Leoneans.

This according to many people have sent shock waves down the spines of those APC Ministers and heads of parastatals who have decided to run to the United States of America and London for fear of being prosecuted for allegedly looting from the people.

As a result of the tough measure of the government of Bio to force those who looted from the people to cough up the stolen monies, the former National Revenue Authority (NRA) Commissioner General Haja Kalla is believed to have entered a payment plan with the Anti Corruption Commission to pay back up to a million dollar stolen money together with her former Financial Director.

The extradition order will see people like Alfred Palo Conteh, former Defence Minister who is yet to explain how 15 Million Dollars was utilized for the purchase of army vehicles with Davida Enterpise and West Star General, former Social Welfare Minister, Sylvia Blyden who is yet to account for Ebola Survivors Money, Leonard Balogun Koroma who is to answer to questions about the 100 Chinese buses and Alpha Kholifa Koroma who is to explain about the diplomatic passports saga.

Captain Alieu Pat Sowe former Minster of Fisheries and later trade is also to explain about World Bank Money at Fisheries.


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